DEF-CON Skytalks-2016



Talk: What’s Lurking Inside MP3 Files That Can Hurt You?  Mike Raggo and Chet Hosmer

This session will dive into the details of MP3 files examining the potential covert and overt contents that they harbor. MP3 and more specifically the ID3 header of MP3 files contain a data structure that contains a massive set of data to satisfy the appetite of the most ardent music enthusiast, but these same contents also pose a nightmare for those tasked with uncovering covert communications and hidden content. In addition, the talk will dive into the digital rights management capabilities of MP3/ID3 to assess whether the mechanisms provide any real protection for the authors, artists, publishers or distributors of one of the most popular sources of digital music. We’ll outline techniques and a python tool for removing the DRM to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of some implementations of DRM, including a top 3 media subscription service of ebooks, music, and video.

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