PFIC 2016 Conference Python Forensics Presentation
Python Zero to Hero in 90 Minutes

Python Zero to Hero in 90 Minutes
Chet Hosmer, Python Forensics
The Python programming language is ideally suited for the development of specialized forensic and investigative applications. In addition, Python scripts can be integrated with existing forensic platforms to extend their capability. The language and environment can be mastered by virtually anyone with an interest.

This session is specifically targeted at those with limited or even zero-knowledge of Python, Scripting or Programming. The session will provide a hands-on introduction to Python where students will first use existing Python Forensic Scripts developed by the author and then develop their own Python Forensic script leveraging a supplied template.

All participants will receive the open source examples and templates utilized during the session.

Thank you to all who participated in the presentation.  As promised, Click to download a zip file containing the source code and presentation.