en2PY EnScript / Python Blog File

en2py – Heuristic Indexing with Python …. Download

Source files related to James Habben and Chet Hosmer Blog Post

Digital Forensics Today – EnScript and Python: Exporting Many Files for Heuristic Processing – Part 1

The following download file contains the pyIndex.py source code along with the required matrix.txt file.

Download - Python Source Code


1) Python 2.7.x is installed

2) Install the Python 3rd party package stop-words

….. pip install stop-words    (from the command line)

2) Create the folder  c:\python27\EnCase\Index\

3) unzip the files pyIndex.py and matrix.txt into this folder

4) Then from within EnCase execute James Habben’s EnScript with the selected files you would like to heuristically index

Enjoy !


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