Python-Forensics @ Techno Security

A Python-Forensics lecture, demonstration along with a mini training session was held at the 15th annual Techno Security Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Over 50 attendees participated and we had a great interchange of ideas.

Thanks to all that participated.

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3 Responses to Python-Forensics @ Techno Security

  1. Live presentations are such a challenge, but the content was fabulous. The IDE tool used during the presentation has a no-cost version. Checking it out now.

  2. Found that there are some syntax differences between Python 2 and 3. The print command is now a method. So… the objects of the print statements need to be in parentheses. i.e. print(“this is some text: ” + thisVar1) — this statement does work in Python 2.7.5

    Here is a link to the python wiki on subject:

    Sounds like Python 2 is the way to go for now. Python 3 according to their wiki, breaks backward compatibility, but my little experiment shows that there must be some move to restore some of the backward compatibility.

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